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The Grove Cemetery Association of Naugatuck proudly oversees four large and historical non-denominational cemeteries in Naugatuck, CT. Incorporated in 1887, in large part due to the efforts of Bronson B. Tuttle, the full 26 acres were preserved and since then has grown to 60 acres.

Alongside the Tuttle family, a board of trustees made up of local community members was formed. Together they incorporated Grove Cemetery to ensure that all people, regardless of financial or religious background, could be buried in their beloved hometown.

As the years went on, that board became The Grove Cemetery Association and has since grown to include three more local cemeteries. The Grove Cemetery Association still operates in a similar fashion as all those years ago and even has family members of original founders.

Welcome sign at Grove Cemetery in Naugatuck, CT

The mission of The Grove Cemetery Association of Naugatuck is to honor the memory of those who have chosen our hallowed grounds as their final resting place.

We will strive to create a dignified and respectful environment for those who visit our Cemetery to honor the memory of a friend or loved one. We will work continuously to provide outstanding service to the community of Naugatuck and the surrounding area.


The Grove Cemetery Associationof Naugatuck

Misson Statement

During the dedication ceremony of Grove Cemetery in 1889 one of the speakers elucidated about the beauty of Grove.

"Consider each word separately, "Grove." What kind of beauty and silence and tranquility is in the word. You can hear the wind sing its requiem in it. It tells of the shroud of grass or of piled leaves, or winter's snow, of the garniture of flowers and vines, of the great trees standing sentinel day and night above the increasing magnitude of graves. Our ancestor forefathers chose a knoll on which to bury their dead-- why should they adorn the event and the place, which of all others testify most unmistakably to the transitoriness and vanity of all earthy things."

-Reverend W.F. Blackman

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