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Natural Burial atgrove cemetery

What is Natural Burial?

What was once old is now new again.

There is no embalming with natural burials. Caskets, urns, or simple burial shrouds must be made of biodegradable material.

This includes:

- Untreated wood, wicker, or bamboo for caskets
- Natural plant or animal fibers for shrouds
- Untreated wood, bamboo, or cornstarch for urns

Concrete vaults or grave liners are not used, remains are placed directly into the grave and are allowed to return to the Earth as nature intended. As the section matures, it will become a buzzing meadow with flowers, wildlife, and a meandering walking path. The layout will not resemble the traditional sections of Grove Cemetery and that is the point. Natural Burial is meant to embrace the natural Cycle of Life.

What about Headstones or Memorialization?

Sycamore, the natural burial section, is divided into several subsections allowing multiple choices for families. Including full burial plots and cremation plots, but also areas that have a touch of traditional aspects. While part of the section will be devoted to a meadow and a full forest restoration, others will have minor landscaping done throughout the year.

Why choose Natural Burial?

As mentioned, this is not something new, most burials prior to the mid-19th century were conducted this way. Natural burials are experiencing a return in choice for several reasons including:

- Simplicity and lower costs
- Conservation of natural resources
- Elimination of hazardous chemicals
- Preservation of natural areas and wildlife

Grove Cemetery seeks to provide the community with thoughtful and bountiful options on end-of-life planning. Natural Burial is now one of those possibilities. If you would like to know more about Sycamore or Natural Burial in general,
please call or email us to set up a time for discussion with our staff.

Grove Cemetery is unassuming from the street, but as you weave through narrow pathways and stone roads further into the cemetery, you are transported to a simpler time and blanketed by peace and tranquility.

Therefore, it is only fitting for Grove to now offer Natural Burial.
In the Natural Burial section, aptly named Sycamore after the large adolescent sycamore tree growing in the eastern part of the section, families and loved ones can choose to become true stewards of the land.

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